Intro to Yoga:

The Live Free Yoga tribe understands that your first yoga class can be extremely intimidating. We strive to eliminate the feeling of judgement and work to instill confidence in the most inexperienced yogis. 

Here is what you need to know when preparing for your first yoga class:

  • Choose a class that meets your needs: Gentle, Restorative, Breathe & Flow, and Beginner Buti are all classes that meet the needs of all levels!

  • Wear clothing that offers movement: It is custom to practice yoga barefoot. This is to prevent slipping and encourage connection with the Earth.

  • Bring water, a towel, and any other props that will leave you with the full expression of your practice

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early: If you have not signed up with us, please arrive with enough time to introduce yourself to your instructor and complete the registration form. 


Here at Live Free Yoga we are proud to staff and support instructors from all walks of life. Some of us are newly certified, fresh out of yoga teacher trainings across the globe. Some of us have been practicing for years achieving multiple certifications along the way. Regardless, our tribe is well equipped to provide you with the movement and mindfulness that you seek. We are all here to grow, so don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you may need!

Stephanie Hyland, Founder

Riley Cammett, Instructor

Maria Harmon, Instructor

Rose Scheick, Instructor

Dannika Ross, Instructor

Libby Duffy, Instructor

Alex Geiger, Instructor

Lisa Daykin, Instructor

Emily Schmidt Instructor


Get to know us!

Stephanie Hyland founded Live Free Yoga in June of 2018. Following her time spent working in institutions that consistently failed to help those they were designed for, Stephanie took matters into her own hands and Live Free Yoga was born. 

As an institution, we’ve built our foundation on the idea that everyone should have access to a space where they are able to grow and nurture the self. We understand life doesn’t come with a set of instructions; Live Free Yoga is a safe space for navigating emotions and developing personal growth. Simply put: the world needs yoga, and we’re here to do our part. 

Since opening, our class offerings have steadily grown to incorporate movement styles all across the yogic spectrum — from Reiki to Buti and much of what lies between. In August 2019 class offerings expanded still further to include hot yoga with the launch of our infrared Heating Green panel system. No matter your experience level, ability, or comfort zone, Live Free Yoga has a place for you.


Benefits of Yoga: Along with improving flexibility and muscle tone, yoga offers a unique way to self-reflect in a non-judgemental and healthy way. Benefits are gained through restorative and gentle classes, as well as, hot power classes to increase blood flow and encourage focus. 

Variety of Classes and Heat: Hot yoga in the form of a Vinyasa style flow provides movement with infrared heat to soften tension and encourage muscle lengthening. Slower, cooler classes offer a low impact, gentler approach to your yoga journey. Both styles are offer benefits to individual movement and meditation practices. 

Facilities: Live Free Yoga offers a separate dressing room and bathroom. We have specific locations for shoes and bags to keep your things safe and accessible.